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Who Needs To Be Checked?

Employee Background Checks:

Protect yourself now from unscrupulous individuals. JGI offers extensive background checks, fingerprinting, & drug testing.

People most likely who need to be checked are:

Employees, drivers, nannies, home care workers, and tenants. 

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

Background Investigations:

Background Search Items Include:

* Local Criminal Records

* State Incarceration

*Sexual Offenders Registry

*Social Security Verification

*National Criminal Database

*Driver Record History

*Insurance Verification

*Employment Verification

*Education Verification

*Professional License Verification

*Liens and Judgments

*Character Interviews

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Report: includes locate, address history

criminal background, judgments/liens title histories and professional

license verifications. 

Enhanced Measures

  • Ohio BCI fingerprint check
  • Employment Required ID

           (Real Estate & Medical)

Be aware, be prepared.

It always make sense to run a background check on the other party in any litigation. Call today for discount attorney rates.

Find Someone

People locator:

Missing person, Debt Evaders, Lost Relatives & Friends. JGI's research department can locate many people not found through conventional or online database means.

Background/Research Services

Identity Theft

Background checks, including fingerprinting, can help prevent identity fraud.

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Ohio Private Investigators

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Corporate Research

We serve corporate clients by providing abstract driving records and workers comp claims. Discount rates available for retained agreements.